M Family Photo Session

Loving the fact that I get to photograph families over and over again.
Even though I am about half their size, even their kids’ size, they always make me feel comfortable around them.  I hope I in turn make them feel comfortable as well when we meet for our yearly photo session.
They are truly blessed to have such a beautiful family.  By the way, I did miss the pup this year!


Thank you to Yuletide Tree Farm for allowing me to photograph on their property.







I am a wife and a mom of 3 wonderfully amazing girls of which I adore. I work full-time and take pictures for what feels like full time, but not really. If I can document all of my family's life events then I will every chance that I get. I am hoping to share this love with others. I just like to take pictures all the time and look back at everything because to me, life is art and art is beautiful.

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