Summer Weather Fall Session

A trip to Bucks County, PA to take this beautiful family’s fall photos in summer temps.
At the end, the kids tipped me with small toys, some change, a Pokemon card and big smiles.   🙂

“We keep this love in a photograph
We made these memories for ourselves”  – Ed Sheeran


O Couple Photo Session

When your dog is your first baby and you know that you just want to love her, hug her and dress her all up.  Fur babies are awesome.  You know what’s even more awesome?!  A love like the couple’s below, because through the good, the bad, the ugly and the funny, they’ve got each other’s back.  They know when to laugh, cry and be upset, but they do it TOGETHER!

May love continue to fill your home!







NJ Farm Shootout

A perfect Fall day to take photos at an NJ farm with some other fabulously talented photographers led to the product shown below.
Cannot thank Stephanie Lemmon and Mila Wells enough for the opportunity to participate in such an event.  This stylized shoot was fantastic.









Tooth #5

Tooth #5! I can’t bear it!  The tooth fairy is a frequent visitor of this house now and I am sure pockets are hurting.  🙂  To still see the excitement of putting the tooth under the pillow and checking under the pillow in the morning to find what special surprise might be awaiting is very exciting for me as well because I don’t ever want to see the magic of childhood disappear in this home.  Let’s see how and when we lose the next tooth…it’s loose as it is.JR-3010

Comfort of Training Wheels


Soon it will be time to let go of the training wheels, but right now she wants that support. Although, I want her to learn to go without the support on her bike, I know that this is extra time I have with her needing that comfort of knowing she is not going to fall.  When we move on to the next stage, there will be cuts, bumps and bruises along the way, but I know it will add character and strength to my growing little girl.

As she grows, she will know that I will be her training wheels until she is ready to spread her wings.  I have plenty of time before then and I am hoping to soak every last bit of her experiences in.  JR-2961 JR-2987 JR-2988 JR-2992 JR-2993 JR-2995 JR-2996

Family Photos at Lockridge Park

A trip out to Pennsylvania to meet up with this beautiful family.  Celebrating a little boy’s 2nd birthday and wonderful wedding anniversary this week, there’s just so much excitement how can it all be contained?!  WE all got through this hot day, hopefully they were able to enjoy some well deserved water ice afterwards.  Happy Birthday! and Happy Anniversary!

JR-1972 JR-1933JR-1975JR-2016 JR-2034 JR-2082 JR-2006JR-2097 JR-2129

Why snow days are amazingly fun with kids!

JR-5142Snow days are so much fun with kids because you get to be a kid all over again! When you feel a snow day approaching you get kind of giddy inside, secretly hoping that you will get the call from the school saying, “No school tomorrow due to the snow”.
Although I am sure most who work don’t always find it as exciting since special arrangements have to be made, but come on, it’s for the kids! 🙂 BTW: I am the working parent who is torn between the two, ugh! I have work tomorrow and yippee! I get to go outside with my kids during a lunch break or right after work!

Either way, it’s fun because you get to see your kids’ faces light up like I did this week. They got to throw some snow around, sled down a small hill and just have some overall outdoor fun!

I remember when I was growing up how excited I was if there was a snow day, but they never called it until the very last minute.  Nowadays, they call the day before, even before there is any snow outside. CRAZY!

For those of you who had snow days this week, I hope you had a great time, kids or no kids. Happy Winter!


Whenever you have a snow day, feel free to share your snow day photos with me on my FB page:

2015-What’s your everyday?

Well, I am ready for 2015 and I have been, but I just haven’t posted here so quickly this new year.  Either way, let’s do this together!
Let me be a part of your everyday because we all know it, life is not PERFECT, so what better way to celebrate it than by documenting our REAL life.  Looks take the opportunity to have the chance to look back and remember all that really takes place.
We are not always well put together, but that’s what makes it fun.  When we have creativity, fun, happiness and love, that’s all that matters, now we just need to capture that with a CLICK!
Whether it be fort building, funny faces, baking, play-dates, a day trip, etc…let those moments be captured.  

Here’s a little taste of my everyday, but I am waiting for you to allow me to be a part of yours.  
FYI: I plan on being on the other side of the camera too this year.  🙂

***don’t mind the grainy iphone photos