Vacation Essentials
The very things you may ultimately need for your next vacation away from home.
Here are some items I would suggest that would be very helpful on your next trip. I’ve provided links for each of the items, but please note that there are some where I may not provide you with links as they are just listed as a reminder and I would rather you choose your own preferred brand.
Happy traveling!

Click on the bolded items below to take you to the Amazon link associated with that item.

1 | Packing Cubes <<< stay organized as you pack up for your vacation. These are a perfect way to get your outfits arranged for your trip, saves space and keeps everything nice and neat.

2 | Toiletry Bag <<< convenient with lots of room to store all your toiletry items for a quick or long getaway.

3 | Luggage <<< durable 3 piece set of luggage, lightweight and easy to transport.

4 | Portable iPhone and iWatch Charger <<< perfect for when you need more juice on either your iPhone and/or your iWatch as this charger can charge both at the same time.

5 | Hand Sanitizer <<< best to keep this close by as you hurry your way through airports, touch the many doors, handrails and other fun things you can get your hands on.

6 | Pocket Tissues <<< someone’s bound to be sniffling and sneezing at some point, so be prepared with a pocket or handbag full of these.

7 | Sunglasses <<< no need to squint when you have a pair of these around.

8 | Waterproof Phone Holders <<< want to be in the water and take photos too? This is a great way to keep your phone nearby, nice and dry avoiding any major splash zones. ***I would not suggest to use this while diving or prolonged times underwater.

9 | Sun Visor <<< great protection from the sun and fashionable, too!

10 | Flip Flops <<< comfy for the beach and/or walking around.

11 | Sunscreen <<< it’s great to get your vitamin D, but be sure to protect yourself while you’re out there under the sun.

12 | Sun Cooling Gel <<< use this to cool down and nourish your delicate skin after sun exposure and/or sunburns.

13 | Sand Removal Pouch <<< the easiest way to get all of that sand off of your feet and legs before you head back to your room or car.

14 | Gel Lint Roller <<< roll away any lint, animal hair, etc… wash, let dry, and reuse again! Super convenient.

15 | Wrinkle Release <<< perfect if you are not in the mood to iron or have minimal time to.

16 | Tile Tracker <<< the best way to keep track of luggage, wallet, keys, etc…Don’t lose a thing.

Other items to consider…
Headache pills, re-usable water bottle, book(s), and clearly, bathing suits.

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