Colors to wear

When getting ready for your photo session, I suggest that you wear what makes you feel the most comfortable.  I am all about having you stay true to you to keep you feeling comfortable.  If you are still looking for suggestions on colors to wear, I would definitely suggest visiting the following site which basically helps you determine the best color palettes for the different seasons.  Design Seeds

An example of Spring colors to possibly wear, is shown below.  Click the photo to take you to the page to see more Spring and other seasonal color examples.

global huesflora palette


Best way I have found to look for colors to wear, is took look at paint swatches to determine colors that might compliment each other, that is exactly why I use the website above, I love it!

But no matter what, as I stated above, remember to keep it simple and keep it true to you.

I look forward to capturing your images.




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