It’s Friday and I’ve got some last minute Mother’s Day ideas. Keep it simple, sometimes the simplest things are the most memorable and meaningful.

Sleeping in
The gift of sleep is worth more than you can even imagine. If mom is the type who’s always running around and doing things for others, this may be the perfect gift. So, if the opportunity presents itself, LET HER SLEEP!

Make it easy. Who doesn’t like a healthy meal in the relaxation of your own home, just be sure to not leave the cleaning up to her.

Brighten up her day with an arrangement of flowers. Sit back and let her smell the roses, or any flower for that matter that she may love.

Prepare her favorite meal or make arrangements to go out to a favorite restaurant of hers. Let her enjoy her time out and be in the moment enjoying the time spent together.

A thank you goes a long way. Be sure to say THANK YOU to mom for all that she does.

Be on the look out for upcoming posts where I will share some local activities to participate in, local to somewhat local brunch spots, sweet treats contacts, restaurant favorites, Father’s Day gift ideas and more!