O Family Photo Session

What a joy! I’ve had the opportunity to photograph this family before they were a family. I love having them as friends and getting to see their family blossom. This little girl is like a little model, can’t even stand it! So happy that I get to watch her grow up and make her parents proud.

S Family Photo Session

Just a family and their smiling dog. 🙂 Each year I take their photos and each year Yoda(the dog) is always smiling in several of the photos if he’s not looking to see what’s going on in the surrounding area. Dad and I have been friends for years going back to our college days where he also was friends with my husband before me even knowing it. First time I met mom was the day before our wedding and I’d like to think we hit it off!
Now, our families have grown together and I am honored that they have me take their family photos each year. I get to watch them all grow while also providing them lasting images that they will be able to cherish for a lifetime.

Here’s to friendship now and throughout each holiday season!

N Family Photo Session

Wow! What a family! I blink and there’s another one! 🙂 Mom, watch out! Look at the way he looks at you.
With each child there is a completely different personality making each of them super special in their own way, but if you don’t know who stole the show during this session, just go ahead and take a look at the photos again.
What once was a house full of women, leaving dad outnumbered now has a little guy who’s here to take charge.

Mom and dad certainly still have that loving feeling.

Happy Holidays!

S Family Photo Session

Here’s another family I have the opportunity to see each year and I absolutely love. Quick trip to PA for this session and knocked it out just in time for the rain to show up. It was great to see them and continue to watch how the these kids have grown up. Thankful that they put up with me for these sessions. 🙂

B Family Session

I absolutely loved how these turned out. The girls were absolutely lovely on this chilly day. It was great to see all of their smiling faces. Here’s to great year to all of them and hopes that I will see them all soon again.

Happy Holidays!

R Family Photo Session

What a great day for photos! A trip to PA for photos of the fam. I absolutely love getting together with family, but when we can make an event/date out of it, even better. 🙂 I love seeing these 2 little guys grow up they were awesome throughout the session and I can truly see the love that they have for each other. Can’t wait to see them again!

L Family Photo Session

A day at the beach for some holiday family photos. The wind did not stop us and boy, was it windy!
The girls were all coordinated nicely with big and bright smiles on their faces and we were able to bang this session out pretty quickly and way before the holidays!

Huge thanks to the fam!

B Family Photo Session

It’s an amazing experience to watch children grow, but even more so to watch families grow together.  So excited for the wonderful news that this family has to share this holiday season.  May they be blessed with more JOY than what they have already today.

Such a lovely family with wonderful smiles to share.

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your memories.


Thank you to Yuletide Tree Farm for allowing me to photograph on their property.









R Family Photo Session

Very thankful to meet this new family.  I am glad the date and location worked out perfectly.
Thank you for the joy and laughter your children brought to the session, it brightened up my day immensely.

I look forward to seeing you again in the future!

Thank you to Yuletide Tree Farm for allowing me to photograph on their property.











R Children Photo Session

Gosh!  I love the light in these photos and I love the kids!
If you don’t know me by now, you should know that I LOVE kids!  They bring a joy to life and they are just so carefree…I am kind of envious in that sense.  With each smile they brighten up my world and give me hope!

Look at these awesome faces ,their amazing smiles and the fun they have together.  I think little K found her Christmas tree!!!
Enjoy the holidays!


Thank you to Yuletide Tree Farm for allowing me to photograph on their property.






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