B Family Photo Session – 2021

What a pleasure to photograph this wonderful and beautiful family once again. I am feeling grateful for knowing them and I am sure they are super grateful for having each other. A challenging year, for sure, but they made it through together with the love and support of their family, friends and their mom here who kicks butt!

To anyone reading this, never take life and family for granted. Enjoy and celebrate each moment. Love and respect each other. Always stop for a moment to reflect and also take the time to be silly together, because a good laugh and smile is great for the heart and mind.

Cheers to celebrating love, life, family and friends, no matter the year!

I am a wife and a mom of 3 wonderfully amazing girls of which I adore. I work full-time and take pictures for what feels like full time, but not really. If I can document all of my family's life events then I will every chance that I get. I am hoping to share this love with others. I just like to take pictures all the time and look back at everything because to me, life is art and art is beautiful.

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