2020 Year in Review

Happy New Year! A little bit behind and a bit backwards is how I’m doing this. Even though we were home A LOT this year, time seemed to fly by and I lost track again of posting on the site and sharing some of the wonderful family photos that I was able to take throughout the year. With that, I am going backwards into some positive days in 2020 where there were smiles, family photos, holidays and fun. I hope that you all get to enjoy the posts and that you all take the opportunity to reflect on 2020 realizing that although the year might not have been what we all expected it to be, there were some positives that came out of it that we can be thankful for.

Here was my short recap halfway through the year:

We continued the year with masks, remote learning, remote work, quarantining, drive-by birthdays, etc. A handshake, hug and kiss were a thing of the past, while elbow bumps, air high-fives and waves were the new ways of greeting folks. Virtual happy hours and other virtual events became more prominent. Staying home and getting more time to play games, watch movies and cook together as a family was the new way of living, actually a positive as it forced us to be a bit more present in our family lives.

Now as as we roll into 2021, these new ways of life will continue on but we will need to put any negativity that came out of 2020, behind us. Be sure to remember any of the positive you had in the year, reflect on that and bring that positivity into 2021. I am truly appreciative for all of your support and the smiles you have shared with me over the last year. I look forward to seeing your smiling faces again in the new year.

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Stay happy, healthy and safe.

I am super grateful for the time I get to spend with my family. <3

S Family Front Porch Session

Huge smiles were going all around, but I doubt it was because I was there to take their photos. As I came up to the house to get started, I was a few questions and found out that they were headed on a vacation the next day, so I am sure that was the reason for all the smiles since they were getting everything ready that evening to head out. Honestly, a little get away to see family is a much needed break from the quarantining that we have all had to do these last several months. As I took each photo, I was smiling behind the camera thinking of excited I was for them to be getting away and having an upcoming adventure.

The greatest things about taking photos and getting to know the families that I get to meet, is feeling the joy and happiness that they feel when they tell me more about themselves, the things that they are doing and of course, watching them smile and laugh on the other side of the lens.

My hope is that the family had fun on their vacation and that they were able to make lasting memories.

2020 Catch up!

Woah! What a year so far! 2020 has come in with a massive blow and we are only half way through it. 3 months into the new year we were hit with this global pandemic that we are still currently living through, which altered the way we work and live. Our new normal becoming WFH(work from home), virtual learning, social distancing, quarantine mode, face masks and re-teaching of personal hygiene(“wash your hands!”). For some it’s been quite the challenge, while for others they embraced the slow down of life and turned that negative, right into a positive, in that sense. We gave props where props where due…Thank you to all the healthcare workers, teachers, truck drivers and everyone keeping things moving as smoothly as possible.

We are now into August and it’s been 5 months living through this global pandemic. With school just around the corner for the kids and no solidified plan yet in site to start. Who would have thought we’d ever be living through something like this?! All we can do is document these unprecedented times, be respectful of others, stay safe, enjoy and live life the best we can.

Here’s to a better year and years ahead of us.