Sophia Laurel

Quite frankly, I love taking photos of children, because I envy the fact that they live carefree and have such an innocence to them.
Little Sophia Laurel(not so little anymore) came back for another photo session and I was so in awe of how much she’s grown since I have seen her last.  Of course, she has great style because her momma dresses her and makes her look quite chic.  I was surprised though at how much she liked to run around, explore and play with DIRT!  Sophia! It’s all good, because today was a day for her to be one with nature and she was!  Looking forward to many more sessions with her again.

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Each little face in front of my camera this year has brought me a tremendous amount of joy and I am so excited to see those faces and new faces again this year, 2015.
To all the parents, thank you for letting me capture your children’s expressions and precious moments.
Here are just some of the cute little faces I was able to photograph this year, in no particular order.

JR-1986 JR-1980 JR-0636 JR-1162 JR-1088 JR-0096 JR-0323 JR-0334 JR-0921 JR-0908 JR-0906 JR-0277 JR-9372 JR-9583 JR-8990 JR-7860 JR-1-10 JR-3804 JR-4032 JR-8555 JR-7789 JR-7544 JR-5054-2comp JR-5082comp JR-6255 JR-6139-2comp JR-2856comp JR-3176comp JR-3747comp JR-0530(n) JR-0835(n) JR-2496(n) JR-3482comp JR-5631comp JR-2038 JR-3071

Sophia’s 1st Birthday Session

I am so happy that I get to share in this little girl’s milestones and I cannot believe she is already 1!  It was quite a bit chilly outside for this session so we had to improvise and move it indoors.  Sophia had such a fun time eating the icing on the cake and playing with her crown.  She’s one adorable kid.   Happy 1st Birthday Sophia!

JR-3479comp JR-3482comp JR-3465 JR-3503comp JR-3498comp



JR-3609comp JR-3657comp JR-3596comp JR-3687comp

Sophia Laurel (4 months old) Photo Session

Had a wonderful time photographing this little beauty.  She was well rested and ready to go for her photo session.  I must say this is one of my favorite sessions because the photos turned out lovely!  I love that she looks like a little angel and she was exactly that during this session.  I am glad I was able to meet her, her mother and family.  Another amazing opportunity and another amazing family.


JR(sophia laurel)-4(comp)

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