Fall Family Session

Another cold Fall day, but these kids managed to make it through the session. These kids were precious and honestly the two older sisters were little models.  Such a great time meeting new families.

JR-0323 JR-0326 JR-0334 JR-0336 JR-0342 JR-0370 JR-0408

Evan’s 3rd Birthday

Happy 3rd Birthday Evan!  It’s great to see friends and watch their kids grow.  Well, this party was full of color and amazement thanks to mom.  There was cake, there was bounce time, piñata time and then it was all topped off by a little sidewalk chalk art from the artist formerly known as Daddy-O, j/k, but yeah his dad did do some Pocoyo chalk drawing.  🙂  It was a great and colorful, fun time!

Cake by: Kupkake Kouture








JR-1-3 JR-1-4 JR-1-5




JR-1-6 JR-1-10 JR-1-11 JR-1-12 JR-1-13 JR-1-17

Britt’s 3rd Birthday Session

It’s nice to just see a kid in action, doing what they love to do, playing, running, chasing, just plain ol’ having fun.  That’s what I got to do when I came to take Britt’s photos.  These photos are more of a representation of catching him in the moment and being able to look back at the things that he enjoyed doing as he turned the wee little age of 3.  Happy 3rd Birthday Britt!

JR-7860 JR-7863 JR-7935 JR-7978 JR-7982 JR-8054 JR-8074 JR-8157 JR-8180


Brenna’s 5th Birthday Session

Happy Birthday to YOU!  Happy Birthday dear Brenna!  Happy Birthday to YOU!  I love happiness, birthdays, celebrations, kids, and anything that just makes you smile!  I am so glad I was called back by Brenna’s mom to do just some every day fun shots of her.  Brenna is full of happiness and you can tell.  I cannot even believe she is 5 already, I am glad I am part of watching her grow!  I hope she has many more birthdays filled with family, friends and lots of love!

JR-3804 JR-3814 JR-3817 JR-3820

JR-3890 JR-3928 JR-3939

Child Quality Time

Every day is a busy day and we all go through it.  Always wishing there was more time in the day to do all those extra things in life.  Well, this time around I decided to capture some moments of my littlest love painting and enjoying her activity.  I was even able to get myself in some shots, that’s a first.  We all need to take a moment though and capture those little bits and pieces of our lives that a occur and mean so much to us and especially the people in it, it keeps the memory alive.
Have a beautiful day!

JR-4025 JR-4028 JR-4030 JR-4032 JR-4034 JR-4039 JR-4049 JR-4055

Elyse’s 1st Birthday Session

I am back again with another 1st birthday photo session with yet another cutie pie.    I actually can’t believe how quickly Elyse has grown since it feels as though just yesterday I photographed her baptism.
Well, for this session, we met at the boardwalk and got to taking some shots right away.  I am pretty sure she couldn’t wait to get to the cake smashing part because as soon as we got to that part of the session, she was ready to go before her mom and I even were.  🙂  This cutie loved diving into her cake and tasting that great frosting.  I wish Elyse a wonderful 1st birthday and many more to come, hoping that I see her many more times as well.

Happy 1st Birthday Elyse!

JR-2959 JR-2967 JR-2986 JR-2996 JR-3010 JR-3071 JR-3097 JR-3110 JR-3123 JR-3139 JR-3164 JR-3158 JR-3152

Family Photo Session – June 2014

Just a little sneak!
It’s always great to see familiar faces again and to have them bring their extended family.  It was a joy photographing everyone in these photos, a little chaotic, but definitely a joy!
All I can say is, what an attractive set of families!    I hope to see them again soon.

JR-0498-2 JR-0252 JR-8172 JR-8197