Evan’s 3rd Birthday

Happy 3rd Birthday Evan!  It’s great to see friends and watch their kids grow.  Well, this party was full of color and amazement thanks to mom.  There was cake, there was bounce time, piñata time and then it was all topped off by a little sidewalk chalk art from the artist formerly known as Daddy-O, j/k, but yeah his dad did do some Pocoyo chalk drawing.  🙂  It was a great and colorful, fun time!

Cake by: Kupkake Kouture








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Child Quality Time

Every day is a busy day and we all go through it.  Always wishing there was more time in the day to do all those extra things in life.  Well, this time around I decided to capture some moments of my littlest love painting and enjoying her activity.  I was even able to get myself in some shots, that’s a first.  We all need to take a moment though and capture those little bits and pieces of our lives that a occur and mean so much to us and especially the people in it, it keeps the memory alive.
Have a beautiful day!

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Lucas’ 1st Birthday Photo Session

Woohoo!  Someone is turning 1!  It’s always great to be a part of a very special occasion for kids and their parents.  I am so happy that I was able to capture some awesome moments, as well as of Lucas and his parents.  It’s so great to see kids grow and be happy doing simple things as looking and playing with balloons.  It makes me want to be a kid again!  Happy Birthday Lucas!

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Kowalski Family Photo Session

Another weekend, another family photo session.  🙂  These boys were truly cute together.  They started off by cheesing it up for me in the photos, they were so happy.  And then…there was a cat, and hesitation for photos began as there was either fear of the cat appearing or curiosity by one boy or the other.  It’s amazing how 3 little children have 3 little personalities which can bring so many smiles to ones face.
Thank you for the opportunity Tracy and Glenn and I hope you had a wonderful anniversary!

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Reiner & Jaeger Family Photo Session

Our family photo session.  Keepin’ it close to home. Great to be with family and great to have all the cousins together! 🙂  I like when I have these opportunities to take photos of the family all together.  There are many pictures because we had a lot of time!

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Goehrig Family Photo Session

Another Goehrig family photo session, which I was very excited for.  I was glad to hear from them when they reached out to me for photos again.  Chloe was back and still as adorable as ever.  We walked around Walnford and found a few spots that we just loved for the photos.  Chloe was analyzing leaves so  I was able to get a photo of her holding one as she sat on the bench.  I absolutely loved this second opportunity and I look forward to many more with this family.

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Huff-Knowles Family Photo Session

Had a fantastic time doing this photo session for my old neighbors/friends.  We had a great time and they have such a beautiful family.  It was a beautiful day for pictures, the kids were so cooperative and we found out that we had a model in our presence.  Patrick was posing for a picture and helping me figure out where to take a picture next all throughout the session, it was so fun.   I’ll have to bring him along with me as my assistant.   🙂

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Lang Family Photo Session

It was great to hear back from this family again, as over the Summer I had originally taking a 4Generation photo for their family.  This time I cam back to photograph with father and son, included.  The day was absolutely beautiful for photos.  I love the smiles on these kids, they were all smiles throughout the session.  I am absolutely thankful that I was able to photograph for this family again and I look forward to more opportunities to do so in the future. 

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Strickland Family Photo Session

Another trip to PA, another wonderful family.  I was glad to be able to take some photos for my friends and capture some pretty  fun images of their family.  I love the action photos with the leaves and I especially love how their little corgi is so good with Zoey, like best friends.  I must admit that my overall favorite is the one with mom and daughter.  I hope to continue to capturing more moments for them.

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Gibble Family Photo Session

This was a great little photo session in PA.  I love to ride around so I was happy to make a trip back to PA to take these family photos.  Annabelle was a little doll.  We went to a local park for her photos and she wanted to dive right in and explore, walking around, running to her parents and then checking out the ducks.  It was a beautiful day and a beautiful session.


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