Sophia’s 6th Birthday!

Another year gone by and another year older!  That went by super quick, feels like just yesterday I was taking Ninja Turtle themed photos of her.
Well, this year she wanted to dive right into SUPER HERO action.  She wanted a mask, a cape and some kicks to go with it.  We hit the streets caped crusader style to take these photos and she absolutely had a BLASTif you can’t tell by her facial expressions. With a WHAM! POW! KABOOM! we finished these pictures up in FLASH!  It was hard to pick which images to post because I truly loved them all due to her energy.
She is honestly ALL the things I LOVE wrapped into a tiny bundle.  I can’t wait to see what SUPER amazing stuff she will do in life.  

Happy SUPER 6th Birthday, Sophia!  I hope you had a blast.

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Sophia’s 5th Birthday

Sophia is now 5! Sophia is now 5! SOPHIA IS 5?!?! Really?  Where did the time go?  She lost a tooth and now she is 5, what is going on?  Well, we took some fun shots of her for her 5th birthday, just so she can express her personality and what she is currently into.  Don’t mind some of her expressions and poses, I let her just go with the flow because every time I tried to pose her, well, she just did her own thing, and what better way to capture someone then actually just letting them be.  Not every hair is in perfect place, not every wrinkle is straightened out and not every pose is perfect, but that’s OK, because this is real life and this is who she is and this is who I LOVE HER as and why I LOVE HER so.  Leave it to Soph to keep it real! <3  This is who she is, this is what she loves, and that’s what I am going to love about her!

Happy 5th Birthday to my courageous little ninja turtle power girl! COWABUNGA DUDES and DUDETTES!  sorry no booyakasha here…let’s keep it old school.  🙂


JR-6712 JR-6713

JR-6705 JR-6714 JR-6716 JR-6719 JR-6722 JR-6729 JR-6756JR-6738 JR-6741

JR-6737 JR-6750JR-6768





Britt’s 3rd Birthday Session

It’s nice to just see a kid in action, doing what they love to do, playing, running, chasing, just plain ol’ having fun.  That’s what I got to do when I came to take Britt’s photos.  These photos are more of a representation of catching him in the moment and being able to look back at the things that he enjoyed doing as he turned the wee little age of 3.  Happy 3rd Birthday Britt!

JR-7860 JR-7863 JR-7935 JR-7978 JR-7982 JR-8054 JR-8074 JR-8157 JR-8180


Sophia’s 1st Birthday Session

I am so happy that I get to share in this little girl’s milestones and I cannot believe she is already 1!  It was quite a bit chilly outside for this session so we had to improvise and move it indoors.  Sophia had such a fun time eating the icing on the cake and playing with her crown.  She’s one adorable kid.   Happy 1st Birthday Sophia!

JR-3479comp JR-3482comp JR-3465 JR-3503comp JR-3498comp



JR-3609comp JR-3657comp JR-3596comp JR-3687comp

Layla’s 1st Birthday Photo Session

There are a lot of firsts in life, but a first birthday is a momentous occasion and Layla will be celebrating just that!   A cold day and a rough start with the wind, but we managed to make it through! 🙂  Lots of smiles throughout.   Happy 1st Birthday Layla!

JR-3009comp JR-3032comp JR-3106comp JR-3115comp  JR-3151comp-1 JR-3160comp JR-3166comp JR-3171comp JR-3176comp JR-3189comp JR-3213comp

Lucas’ 1st Birthday Photo Session

Woohoo!  Someone is turning 1!  It’s always great to be a part of a very special occasion for kids and their parents.  I am so happy that I was able to capture some awesome moments, as well as of Lucas and his parents.  It’s so great to see kids grow and be happy doing simple things as looking and playing with balloons.  It makes me want to be a kid again!  Happy Birthday Lucas!

JR-2653(n) JR-2632(n)JR-2693(n)

JR-2578(n) JR-2563(n) JR-2546(n) JR-2518-2(n) JR-2496(n) JR-2487-2(n)


Sophia Laurel’s 8month Photo Session

Sheeeeeeeeee’s back!  I love when I see families and children all over again.  So wonderful that they reached out to me again for Sophia’s photos.  Yet again, she was all smiles and so photogenic.  It was so great and I hope I continue to see her grow.

JR-3comp JR-6comp JR-10comp JR-16comp JR-20comp JR-24comp JR-27comp JR-31comp JR-33comp JRcomp

Sophia Laurel (4 months old) Photo Session

Had a wonderful time photographing this little beauty.  She was well rested and ready to go for her photo session.  I must say this is one of my favorite sessions because the photos turned out lovely!  I love that she looks like a little angel and she was exactly that during this session.  I am glad I was able to meet her, her mother and family.  Another amazing opportunity and another amazing family.


JR(sophia laurel)-4(comp)

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