Mecionis Family Photo Session

A new family! They were so cute!  These 3 kiddos are so sweet and funny.  The weather was especially nice this day and we were able to get some really great images.  It’s a good feeling when you like what you do and you like who you meet.  Thank you for your time and I look forward to seeing you all again!

JR-1959 JR-1965 JR-1972 JR-1976 JR-1980 JR-1986 JR-1990 JR-2053

Sophia Laurel Photo Session

One of my favorite little girlies was back again.  I am so happy to see her grow.  We went right into it and she was, as always, a little model.  Snapped away taking many candids of this little chica in action. Also, got some images of mom and daughter together.  She really is a little model.  Can’t wait to see her again!

JR-9990 JR-9993 JR-0096 JR-0045 JR-0079 JR-0072 JR-0140 JR-0141 JR-0130 JR-0117

Brenna’s 5th Birthday Session

Happy Birthday to YOU!  Happy Birthday dear Brenna!  Happy Birthday to YOU!  I love happiness, birthdays, celebrations, kids, and anything that just makes you smile!  I am so glad I was called back by Brenna’s mom to do just some every day fun shots of her.  Brenna is full of happiness and you can tell.  I cannot even believe she is 5 already, I am glad I am part of watching her grow!  I hope she has many more birthdays filled with family, friends and lots of love!

JR-3804 JR-3814 JR-3817 JR-3820

JR-3890 JR-3928 JR-3939

Elyse’s 1st Birthday Session

I am back again with another 1st birthday photo session with yet another cutie pie.    I actually can’t believe how quickly Elyse has grown since it feels as though just yesterday I photographed her baptism.
Well, for this session, we met at the boardwalk and got to taking some shots right away.  I am pretty sure she couldn’t wait to get to the cake smashing part because as soon as we got to that part of the session, she was ready to go before her mom and I even were.  🙂  This cutie loved diving into her cake and tasting that great frosting.  I wish Elyse a wonderful 1st birthday and many more to come, hoping that I see her many more times as well.

Happy 1st Birthday Elyse!

JR-2959 JR-2967 JR-2986 JR-2996 JR-3010 JR-3071 JR-3097 JR-3110 JR-3123 JR-3139 JR-3164 JR-3158 JR-3152

Eliana’s 1st Birthday Session

I absolutely love meeting new people and I am so glad I was able to meet this lovely family.  We met at a park to have Eliana’s 1st Birthday photos taken.  She’s a well-behaved, serious little girl, but I did manage to grab a few snaps of her smiling.  As we got to the cake smash part, she was ready to dive in, but once she got a feel for the cake, there was some apprehension, she wasn’t quite sure what to think of the whole thing…Was she really able to do this?  Get messy with no one telling her not to, but yet encouraging her to?  A couple of touches to the cake, some looks at her cake-filled hands and she was off and about ready to run around.
It was an absolute pleasure photographing this little one and her parents! A very beautiful family who is surely blessed.  Happy 1st Birthday Eliana, and many more!

JR-7251 JR-7261 JR-7321 JR-7366 JR-7395 JR-7399 JR-7408 JR-7433 JR-7472 JR-7475 JR-7498-2 JR-7503 JR-7529 JR-7514 JR-7551-2 JR-7548 JR-7544 JR-7603 JR-7566 JR-7567 JR-7570 JR-7615


Sophia’s 1st Birthday Session

I am so happy that I get to share in this little girl’s milestones and I cannot believe she is already 1!  It was quite a bit chilly outside for this session so we had to improvise and move it indoors.  Sophia had such a fun time eating the icing on the cake and playing with her crown.  She’s one adorable kid.   Happy 1st Birthday Sophia!

JR-3479comp JR-3482comp JR-3465 JR-3503comp JR-3498comp



JR-3609comp JR-3657comp JR-3596comp JR-3687comp

Layla’s 1st Birthday Photo Session

There are a lot of firsts in life, but a first birthday is a momentous occasion and Layla will be celebrating just that!   A cold day and a rough start with the wind, but we managed to make it through! 🙂  Lots of smiles throughout.   Happy 1st Birthday Layla!

JR-3009comp JR-3032comp JR-3106comp JR-3115comp  JR-3151comp-1 JR-3160comp JR-3166comp JR-3171comp JR-3176comp JR-3189comp JR-3213comp

Sophia Laurel’s 8month Photo Session

Sheeeeeeeeee’s back!  I love when I see families and children all over again.  So wonderful that they reached out to me again for Sophia’s photos.  Yet again, she was all smiles and so photogenic.  It was so great and I hope I continue to see her grow.

JR-3comp JR-6comp JR-10comp JR-16comp JR-20comp JR-24comp JR-27comp JR-31comp JR-33comp JRcomp