N Family Photo Session

This family is always fun to take photos of. I love all of the kiddos personalities which make it so great because you never know what facial reactions you may get from the little one.
I am super grateful that they all keep coming back for more photos with me. I love to be able to capture their family year to year and document these lovely memories for them.

T Family Photo Session

New smiles for my collection. Request for updated family photos. Check! Super quick session, lots of fun, lovely light and just an overall great day! Looking forward to having them return again.
Thank you to everyone who refers me to their family and friends.

S Family Photo Session

What a successful day! Multiple photo sessions and got the chance to see this family again. 🙂 It’s always great to see friends that I haven’t seen in a while.

S Family Photo Session

This Pennsylvania trip was great as I as able to capture several families in one day. One of them being this family who came for some refreshed family photos. I was excited to get their message for a photo session again as I hadn’t seen them for a few years. Here’s to lasting memories!

B Family Photo Session

A quick trip to Pennsylvania for a family photo session day. Lovely light and setting for this session. This little boy was curious of his surroundings and just wanted to explore and play with rocks. Luckily, we were able to get some photos in of smiles, wonder and life. I am hoping that these new faces to me, will have loved the images that I captured and that I will see them again in the future.

M Family Photo Session

Another beautiful day, another beautiful family. Perfect weather for a day out in the park to snap some new family photos. I was astonished to see how much the kids had grown from the last time I saw them, they’re practically adults! Cheers to smiles and family love.

R Family Photo Session

Yay! Some more new faces to add to my family photo session collection. I adore the way these images turned out. I am so glad that this family gave me the opportunity to take their photos and I truly do hope that they loved each any every one of them, as I did.
We ended this session with a walk and look back to say good-bye to 2020.

T Family Photo Session

A new family this year to add to my photo collection. What a great opportunity to capture these new faces, smiles and laughter. The brightness of the day matched with the bold colors chosen for this session. This family had a great family dynamic that really shows through the photos. I look forward to capturing their memories some time soon again.

M Family Photo Session

New year, new photos for this lovely family. As I’ve said before and I will say again, I love seeing families return each year for their family photos with me. It gives me a chance to reconnect with them if I haven’t seen them for a while and allows me to continue to capture how their family may have grown year over year. Absolutely loved the colors they chose for this session. Bonus here was that we were able to get both dogs in for our last family photo of the session.

K Family Photo Session

Still getting caught up on posting photos from last year’s photo sessions. Here’s one from October where it was a slightly chilly day, but nonetheless, beautiful! We took a stroll through the park and caught ourselves towards the end being most fond with large stones, leaves, and pebbles.. 🙂

It was nice to see this beautiful family again.