Sophia’s 5th Birthday

Sophia is now 5! Sophia is now 5! SOPHIA IS 5?!?! Really?  Where did the time go?  She lost a tooth and now she is 5, what is going on?  Well, we took some fun shots of her for her 5th birthday, just so she can express her personality and what she is currently into.  Don’t mind some of her expressions and poses, I let her just go with the flow because every time I tried to pose her, well, she just did her own thing, and what better way to capture someone then actually just letting them be.  Not every hair is in perfect place, not every wrinkle is straightened out and not every pose is perfect, but that’s OK, because this is real life and this is who she is and this is who I LOVE HER as and why I LOVE HER so.  Leave it to Soph to keep it real! <3  This is who she is, this is what she loves, and that’s what I am going to love about her!

Happy 5th Birthday to my courageous little ninja turtle power girl! COWABUNGA DUDES and DUDETTES!  sorry no booyakasha here…let’s keep it old school.  🙂


JR-6712 JR-6713

JR-6705 JR-6714 JR-6716 JR-6719 JR-6722 JR-6729 JR-6756JR-6738 JR-6741

JR-6737 JR-6750JR-6768






Each little face in front of my camera this year has brought me a tremendous amount of joy and I am so excited to see those faces and new faces again this year, 2015.
To all the parents, thank you for letting me capture your children’s expressions and precious moments.
Here are just some of the cute little faces I was able to photograph this year, in no particular order.

JR-1986 JR-1980 JR-0636 JR-1162 JR-1088 JR-0096 JR-0323 JR-0334 JR-0921 JR-0908 JR-0906 JR-0277 JR-9372 JR-9583 JR-8990 JR-7860 JR-1-10 JR-3804 JR-4032 JR-8555 JR-7789 JR-7544 JR-5054-2comp JR-5082comp JR-6255 JR-6139-2comp JR-2856comp JR-3176comp JR-3747comp JR-0530(n) JR-0835(n) JR-2496(n) JR-3482comp JR-5631comp JR-2038 JR-3071

Britt’s 3rd Birthday Session

It’s nice to just see a kid in action, doing what they love to do, playing, running, chasing, just plain ol’ having fun.  That’s what I got to do when I came to take Britt’s photos.  These photos are more of a representation of catching him in the moment and being able to look back at the things that he enjoyed doing as he turned the wee little age of 3.  Happy 3rd Birthday Britt!

JR-7860 JR-7863 JR-7935 JR-7978 JR-7982 JR-8054 JR-8074 JR-8157 JR-8180


Hernandez Family Photo Session

Through another referral,  I was able to meet with this family and capture some images for them.  What a wonderful time I had with this family.  They were so much fun.  Victoria was absolutely adorable and loved smiling for the camera.  I even took a photo of her with her doll per her request.  Everything worked out perfectly, the weather cooperated, mom knew exactly what she wanted, which I love and we got down to business.  Everyone looked so great and they really made the photos look great!  I am glad to see such a happy family.JR-3-2 JR-3-3 JR-3-22comp JR-3-23comp JR-3-29comp  JR-3-70bwcomp JR-4 JR-4-2 JR-5 JR-7JR-3-36compJR-3-37compJR-3-41compJR-3-43compJR-3-40compJR-3-45compJR-3-61comp

Gibble Family Photo Session

This was a great little photo session in PA.  I love to ride around so I was happy to make a trip back to PA to take these family photos.  Annabelle was a little doll.  We went to a local park for her photos and she wanted to dive right in and explore, walking around, running to her parents and then checking out the ducks.  It was a beautiful day and a beautiful session.


20130928-IMG_9220comp 20130928-IMG_9231comp 20130928-IMG_9236comp 20130928-IMG_9247comp 20130928-IMG_9273comp 20130928-IMG_9297comp 20130928-IMG_9304comp 20130928-IMG_9329comp 20130928-IMG_9315comp 20130928-IMG_9329comp 20130928-IMG_9368comp

Madison’s Photo Session

Another referral, woohoo!  This little one was so cute, she was always smiling the whole time throughout her 9 month session.  I don’t think I saw her frown even once.  While her brother was exploring, I was able to get a picture of her with her brother.  She was a darling!   JR--9comp JR--4comp JR--7comp  JR--2compJR-3-5compJR-3-3compJR-3-4comp“Hugs can do great amounts of good, especially for children.”  –Princess Diana