M Family Photo Session

I am so happy that this family returned for another session. ūüôā
It was just the kids this time, but it was great to see them as I love watching them grow and honestly, I can’t believe how much each of them have grown!
This session was another windy day and it was also a bit chilly with that wind, regardless we came in with a goal, we set our mind to it and we made it happen. The outcome was great. A little love, laughter and some light were the ingredients for this session.
Looking forward to seeing them again next year.

C Family Photo Session

Another beautiful day for a family photo session.  This was my first time meeting this family and it was lovely.  They have 2 beautiful girls who are happy as can be.
I hope to see them in the future again!


K’s First Communion

It amazes me how time quickly passes, but what’s wonderful is the fact that we get to experience beautiful milestones during the time we have no matter how quickly it passes. ¬†In a beautiful dress and adorning a beautiful smile, she shines bright for her parents and family to be so proud of her. ¬† I know her day was just as wonderful as she looked on her First Communion day. ¬†May she always be blessed!

Little E’s 5th Birthday Party

Holy cow! ¬†This little man is 5 years old. ¬†No longer a little man! ¬†ūüôĀ
Time is truly flying, but I know these 2 parents are extremely proud of him and how he is growing up.

Everyone had a fantastic time at this party!  Filled with super hero fun and an Arkham Asylum style photo booth, how could a kid ask for anything more!?!


Party Decor and art by: Roman Innovative Art


















NJ Farm Shootout

A perfect Fall day to take photos at an NJ farm with some other fabulously talented photographers led to the product shown below.
Cannot thank Stephanie Lemmon and Mila Wells enough for the opportunity to participate in such an event.  This stylized shoot was fantastic.









Sophia’s 6th Birthday!

Another year gone by and another year older!  That went by super quick, feels like just yesterday I was taking Ninja Turtle themed photos of her.
Well, this year she wanted to dive right into SUPER HERO action. ¬†She wanted a mask, a cape and some kicks to go with it. ¬†We hit the streets caped crusader style to take these photos and she absolutely had a¬†BLAST,¬†if you can’t tell by her facial expressions. With a WHAM! POW! KABOOM! we finished these pictures up in FLASH! ¬†It was hard to pick which images to post because I truly loved them all due to¬†her energy.
She is honestly ALL the things I LOVE wrapped into a tiny bundle. ¬†I can’t wait to see what SUPER amazing stuff she will do in life. ¬†

Happy SUPER 6th Birthday, Sophia!  I hope you had a blast.

For those of you visiting this page, thanks for checking in! ūüôā ¬†Feel free to leave a comment below.


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Comfort of Training Wheels


Soon it will be time to let go of the training wheels, but right now she wants that support. Although, I want her to learn to go without the support on her bike, I know that this is extra time I have with her needing that comfort of knowing she is not going to fall.  When we move on to the next stage, there will be cuts, bumps and bruises along the way, but I know it will add character and strength to my growing little girl.

As she grows, she will know that I will be her training wheels until she is ready to spread her wings.  I have plenty of time before then and I am hoping to soak every last bit of her experiences in.  JR-2961 JR-2987 JR-2988 JR-2992 JR-2993 JR-2995 JR-2996

Leanna’s 3rd Birthday

Quite a bit over due, but here’s a 3 year old that’s growing up ever so¬†quickly! ¬†I can not believe she is 3 and don’t even want to believe it. ¬†Once my sweet little child, now my sweet little growing child of which I do not want to let grow. ¬†It’s amazing how much they know at this age, how much of a vocabulary they have and how well they can communicate with you. ¬†It’s also amazing how easily they can melt your heart, either by words, actions or just being. ¬†Emotions run deep in this home and with 3 girls I am sure there will be plenty emotions running about around the 1 man standing in this house.

Little Leanna, you are my joy, you make me smile and laugh and you definitely make my heart sing. ¬†I can’t believe you are 3, it feels as though just yesterday I was holding you in my arms in the hospital bed. ¬†Slow down for me my little one. ¬†I want to soak in all the time I can possibly have with you.

She asked to take photos with her Umi-Zoomi figures, so we did!

Happy 3rd Birthday!  I hope it was Umi-riffic!

JR-6359 JR-6341JR-6339 JR-6363JR-6345 JR-6397 JR-6407


Family Photos at Lockridge Park

A trip out to Pennsylvania to meet up with this beautiful family. ¬†Celebrating a little boy’s 2nd birthday and wonderful wedding anniversary this week, there’s just so much excitement how can it all be contained?! ¬†WE all got through this hot day, hopefully they were able to enjoy some well deserved water ice afterwards. ¬†Happy Birthday! and Happy Anniversary!

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