Holiday Family Photo Session

I am so glad when I see familiar faces again and I can’t thank them enough for the experience that they have given me.  I was able to photograph this wonderful family again, all the cousins together. Miranda and Elyse were especially adorable.  I hope that they have a wonderful holiday and I look forward to seeing them all again!  You are all awesome!

JR-1065 JR-1079JR-1088 JR-1162

JR-1013 JR-1198 JR-1242


Rossi Family Photo Session

What a great time I had with this family!  This was so much fun and the kids were so cute.  May their family experience JOY throughout the whole year.

JR-0840 JR-0847 JR-0860 JR-0900 JR-0904 JR-0906JR-0921



Robbie’s First Communion Photo Session

Another referral, and boy was I happy! This young boy was so great and his mom and sister were also fabulous.  A wonderful event was approaching and they just wanted to capture some memories of this time in his life.  We set out for a walk and took some photos  along the way, we also  stopped to get some photos with Robbie and his sister Jess,  what a good looking pair of siblings.  At the end, a quick snapshot with mom was well worth it.  What a great family.  Congratulations on your First Communion Robbie!

Always grateful to meet new families along the way.  JR-5550comp JR-5561comp JR-5627comp JR-5622compJR-5612compJR-5641compJR-5631comp JR-5667comp JR-5684comp JR-5713comp JR-5739comp JR-5775comp JR-5812comp JR-5819comp


Marcantonio Family Photo Session

I love this photo shoot because everyone had big smiles.  Did I tell you I love SMILES?  Well, I do!  This family was so cute together, I especially love how the husband is looking at his wife in the picture where they are sitting on the porch, I felt the love.  🙂  The kids were great and they loved smiling for the camera although I am sure they were getting tired of me snapping so many pics.  What another great family and opportunity!

JR(marcantonio)--2(comp) JR-3-3(comp)JR-3-4(comp)  JR-3-5(comp) JR-3-6(comp) JR-3-7(comp) JR-3-8(comp) JR-3-9(comp) JR(marcantonio)--3(comp)JR-3-2(comp)JR-3-10(comp) JR-3-11(comp) JR-3-12(comp)“In family life, love is the oil that eases friction, the cement that binds closer together, and the music that brings harmony.”  –Eva Burrows