Mecionis Family Photo Session

A new family! They were so cute!  These 3 kiddos are so sweet and funny.  The weather was especially nice this day and we were able to get some really great images.  It’s a good feeling when you like what you do and you like who you meet.  Thank you for your time and I look forward to seeing you all again!

JR-1959 JR-1965 JR-1972 JR-1976 JR-1980 JR-1986 JR-1990 JR-2053

Evan’s 3rd Birthday

Happy 3rd Birthday Evan!  It’s great to see friends and watch their kids grow.  Well, this party was full of color and amazement thanks to mom.  There was cake, there was bounce time, piñata time and then it was all topped off by a little sidewalk chalk art from the artist formerly known as Daddy-O, j/k, but yeah his dad did do some Pocoyo chalk drawing.  🙂  It was a great and colorful, fun time!

Cake by: Kupkake Kouture








JR-1-3 JR-1-4 JR-1-5




JR-1-6 JR-1-10 JR-1-11 JR-1-12 JR-1-13 JR-1-17

Britt’s 3rd Birthday Session

It’s nice to just see a kid in action, doing what they love to do, playing, running, chasing, just plain ol’ having fun.  That’s what I got to do when I came to take Britt’s photos.  These photos are more of a representation of catching him in the moment and being able to look back at the things that he enjoyed doing as he turned the wee little age of 3.  Happy 3rd Birthday Britt!

JR-7860 JR-7863 JR-7935 JR-7978 JR-7982 JR-8054 JR-8074 JR-8157 JR-8180


Robbie’s First Communion Photo Session

Another referral, and boy was I happy! This young boy was so great and his mom and sister were also fabulous.  A wonderful event was approaching and they just wanted to capture some memories of this time in his life.  We set out for a walk and took some photos  along the way, we also  stopped to get some photos with Robbie and his sister Jess,  what a good looking pair of siblings.  At the end, a quick snapshot with mom was well worth it.  What a great family.  Congratulations on your First Communion Robbie!

Always grateful to meet new families along the way.  JR-5550comp JR-5561comp JR-5627comp JR-5622compJR-5612compJR-5641compJR-5631comp JR-5667comp JR-5684comp JR-5713comp JR-5739comp JR-5775comp JR-5812comp JR-5819comp


Lucas’ 1st Birthday Photo Session

Woohoo!  Someone is turning 1!  It’s always great to be a part of a very special occasion for kids and their parents.  I am so happy that I was able to capture some awesome moments, as well as of Lucas and his parents.  It’s so great to see kids grow and be happy doing simple things as looking and playing with balloons.  It makes me want to be a kid again!  Happy Birthday Lucas!

JR-2653(n) JR-2632(n)JR-2693(n)

JR-2578(n) JR-2563(n) JR-2546(n) JR-2518-2(n) JR-2496(n) JR-2487-2(n)


Huff-Knowles Family Photo Session

Had a fantastic time doing this photo session for my old neighbors/friends.  We had a great time and they have such a beautiful family.  It was a beautiful day for pictures, the kids were so cooperative and we found out that we had a model in our presence.  Patrick was posing for a picture and helping me figure out where to take a picture next all throughout the session, it was so fun.   I’ll have to bring him along with me as my assistant.   🙂

JR-24CD COVER JR-14comp JR-10comp JR-12comp JR-5comp JR-4comp JR-3-2comp1 JR-29comp JR-31comp JR-23sample JR-20comp


Christina and John’s Engagement Session

My 2nd engagement session and I loved it!  I love, LOVE.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I love, LOVE!!!  Well, this was a fun trip to PA to capture some pretty sweet images of 2 people who will be getting married in a year’s time.  We took the photos not too far from where they live and were able to take some photos on the train tracks before the next train came, PHEW!  Cheers to getting MARRIED, they popped the champagne and had fun with it.  I’m looking forward to more fun and a great wedding day!  Congrats, Christina and John!JR-4 JR-5 JR-6 JR-8 JR-17 JR-11 JR-13 JR-9 JR-15 JR-16 JR-14



Julian’s Photo Session

It was great to meet this little guy.  He was a little hesitant at first(new person and all), but then he had no problem smiling and exploring, but as we were dwindling down in time he was like, “look lady, I’ve had enough of these pictures”, which was fine, because I captured the cutest little pouty face.  After the pouty face, he was back to normal, I think he knew that it would be a cute photo to capture, sneaky little guy! 🙂  Thank you Julian for making me smile, you are adorable!  During the session I learned that he had something in common with my youngest daughter and his mom and I were able to share our experience, which was very gratifying to have someone to speak with.

JR--3 (2)comp JR--3comp JR--5comp JR--7comp JR--17comp JR--21comp JR--26comp


Emily and Aden Twin Photo Session

Many of my sessions are by referral and this was another that came to me by referral and boy was I happy!  I took a trip over to the border of NJ and PA to meet up with the Karina family.  These two little ones were so adorable, both with their beautiful blue eyes.  Babies just make me melt and when I see twins it’s double the cuteness.  It was a pleasure meeting this new family and having the opportunity to photograph this cute set of twins.

JR-3-2comp JR-3-3comp JR-3-4comp JR-3-5comp JR-3-6comp JR-3-7comp JR-3-8comp JR-3-9comp JR-3-10compJR-3comp JR-3-11comp  JR-3-13comp JR-3-14comp JR-3-15comp A joy that is shared is a joy made double.  –English Proverb