Each little face in front of my camera this year has brought me a tremendous amount of joy and I am so excited to see those faces and new faces again this year, 2015.
To all the parents, thank you for letting me capture your children’s expressions and precious moments.
Here are just some of the cute little faces I was able to photograph this year, in no particular order.

JR-1986 JR-1980 JR-0636 JR-1162 JR-1088 JR-0096 JR-0323 JR-0334 JR-0921 JR-0908 JR-0906 JR-0277 JR-9372 JR-9583 JR-8990 JR-7860 JR-1-10 JR-3804 JR-4032 JR-8555 JR-7789 JR-7544 JR-5054-2comp JR-5082comp JR-6255 JR-6139-2comp JR-2856comp JR-3176comp JR-3747comp JR-0530(n) JR-0835(n) JR-2496(n) JR-3482comp JR-5631comp JR-2038 JR-3071

Goehrig Family Photo Session

Lyndsey, Matt and Chloe, I was so happy when I heard from you again.  Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your families lives in capturing special moments of your child and of course as you all as a wonderful family.  Of course you know that I look forward to seeing you again and I can’t wait to see Chloe’s adorable face as she smiles and/or shies away from the camera.  Have a wonderful holiday season, best of wishes to you all!

JR-0502 JR-0515 JR-0572 JR-0636 JR-0732

Sophia Laurel Photo Session

One of my favorite little girlies was back again.  I am so happy to see her grow.  We went right into it and she was, as always, a little model.  Snapped away taking many candids of this little chica in action. Also, got some images of mom and daughter together.  She really is a little model.  Can’t wait to see her again!

JR-9990 JR-9993 JR-0096 JR-0045 JR-0079 JR-0072 JR-0140 JR-0141 JR-0130 JR-0117

Layla’s 1st Birthday Photo Session

There are a lot of firsts in life, but a first birthday is a momentous occasion and Layla will be celebrating just that!   A cold day and a rough start with the wind, but we managed to make it through! 🙂  Lots of smiles throughout.   Happy 1st Birthday Layla!

JR-3009comp JR-3032comp JR-3106comp JR-3115comp  JR-3151comp-1 JR-3160comp JR-3166comp JR-3171comp JR-3176comp JR-3189comp JR-3213comp

Olmeda Holiday Photo Session

Photos for friends.  It’s great to take photos of friends and of another photographer(M.Roche Photography).  Something warm and something simple for the holidays, that’s all they asked for.  I hope they enjoy! 🙂

JR-5646comp JR-5664comp JR-5668comp JR-5695comp JR-5773comp JR-5791comp JR-5798comp JR-5907comp JR-5916comp JR-5948comp JR-5983comp JR-5987comp

Disney Family Photo Session

I have the opportunity to meet amazing families and people in general and here was another amazing family who allowed me to photograph them.  Connor and Devlin were so much fun.   Connor was definitely a little ham and I loved capturing his expressions.  It was a beautiful day at Allaire State Park.

JR-3compJR-3-5compJR-3-4comp JR-3-9comp JR-3-3comp JR-3-2comp JR-3-6comp JR-3-7comp JR-3-8comp

“There’s nothing that makes you more insane than family. Or more happy. Or more exasperated. Or more… secure.”
– Jim Butcher