K Family Photo Session

Still getting caught up on posting photos from last year’s photo sessions. Here’s one from October where it was a slightly chilly day, but nonetheless, beautiful! We took a stroll through the park and caught ourselves towards the end being most fond with large stones, leaves, and pebbles.. 🙂

It was nice to see this beautiful family again.

L Family Photo Session

It was a windy day for a photo session and we were close to rescheduling, but I am so glad we took the chance because these photos came out wonderfully. You truly couldn’t tell that it was windy at all. I am so happy with how these turned out and can only hope that the family loved them too!
It’s always a pleasure to capture friends and their family each year.

R Family Photo Session

Here’s another family that I am happy to call my wonderful friends. I have the pleasure of photographing them almost every year for their holiday photos and I just love the way they turn out. Funny story, not so funny at the time…when they came to take their photos as I prepared to get ready to set up my camera with the right settings to begin the session, the camera would not turn on AT ALL! A panic set in, I had not packed up my back up camera, UGH! What was I going to do?! We were going to lose daylight and we were 20 minutes away from home. Well, we took a ride home to get the backup camera(lesson learned), not enough time to get back to our original photo location, so we found a road where there were plenty of trees and took the photos there. My heart was racing the whole time worried if I was going to be able to make it work. We finished the session, I came back home and started culling and editing and I was thrilled with the end product.
So glad we were able to make it work and that this happened with someone that would understand, but now I know regardless of who I am taking photos of, I will always have my back up camera on hand.

B Family Photo Session

Last time I photographed this family was for their 3rd child’s 1st birthday which seemed like a lifetime ago. When I had the opportunity to see them this time around, it was now their 4th child’s 1st birthday! I was amazed to see how big the girls had gotten and I was in awe of how lovely their family is together. I am so happy that they called me again to take their photos and be part of their day.

Family Photo Session

Grateful to be able to take these family photos. This was the first time I had a chance to photograph their pup in their pup with them, so cute! These smiles are so contagious and I hope that I can see them soon again!

Cheers to family, love and strength!

S Family Photo Session

Yet another family that I have the pleasure of taking photos of year to year. It’s amazing to watch their daughter grow and their pup always be photo ready.

It’s always a great time seeing this family and getting to catch up after our photo sessions. Looking forward to more years of documenting their family. Glad I can be capturing these images but also be a part of their life as friends.

M Family Photo Session

A busy day for photos, but each session turned out amazing. Was so happy to see this beautiful family right here as I hadn’t seen them in a while. The pandemic really put a damper on socializing, but I was super excited to get a chance to see some friends and take their photos. Although I had taken their photos a few months before, I couldn’t believe how quickly the kids were already looking like they had a grown. Time was definitely flying…

We hopped right into our session with that lovely golden look with hints of Fall all around.

2020 Year in Review

Happy New Year! A little bit behind and a bit backwards is how I’m doing this. Even though we were home A LOT this year, time seemed to fly by and I lost track again of posting on the site and sharing some of the wonderful family photos that I was able to take throughout the year. With that, I am going backwards into some positive days in 2020 where there were smiles, family photos, holidays and fun. I hope that you all get to enjoy the posts and that you all take the opportunity to reflect on 2020 realizing that although the year might not have been what we all expected it to be, there were some positives that came out of it that we can be thankful for.

Here was my short recap halfway through the year: http://jreinerimagery.com/2020-catch-up/

We continued the year with masks, remote learning, remote work, quarantining, drive-by birthdays, etc. A handshake, hug and kiss were a thing of the past, while elbow bumps, air high-fives and waves were the new ways of greeting folks. Virtual happy hours and other virtual events became more prominent. Staying home and getting more time to play games, watch movies and cook together as a family was the new way of living, actually a positive as it forced us to be a bit more present in our family lives.

Now as as we roll into 2021, these new ways of life will continue on but we will need to put any negativity that came out of 2020, behind us. Be sure to remember any of the positive you had in the year, reflect on that and bring that positivity into 2021. I am truly appreciative for all of your support and the smiles you have shared with me over the last year. I look forward to seeing your smiling faces again in the new year.

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Stay happy, healthy and safe.

I am super grateful for the time I get to spend with my family. <3

M Family Front Porch Session

Hadn’t had too much opportunity to see friends with the quarantine and all, so I was happy when they reached out to me for some quick front porch photos. It was nice to see everyone and get to catch up even just for a short time. We were able to take some bright beachy looking photos.
I am really looking forward to the end of this pandemic so that outside of taking photos here and there, I am able to see smiling faces, chat with friends and family in person and make some more lasting memories.

Here’s to getting through this pandemic! See you soon friends!

S Family Front Porch Session

This family photo session was filled with smiles and some great coordinating colors. I loved the blue and yellows together. I was happy to see this local family, because I hadn’t seen them for so long due to quarantine. As you can see, we had another pup was included in this photo session as well. So happy to provide an opportunity to get a quick session in during quarantine(was 6 ft. away) and updated family photos. Looking forward to seeing everyone again throughout the school year!