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2019 Year in Review

From my family to yours! Happy New Year!

Wow! Another year come and gone, just like that! As last year, I didn’t post much throughout the year, but I still had the opportunity to photograph some of the wonderful families I get to see and capture memories for each year. I also had the opportunity to meet some new families along the way, super thankful for that.
This year was busy on the homefront with many activities going on for each of my kiddos, but it was also a very challenging one due to the passing of my Abuelo and some health concerns at home. Regardless of it all, my girls were the ones that made me smile, made me realize that life is too short to always be worried and that I need to keep going after the things I most love doing. What do I love doing?! Spending time with family and friends and of course taking photos. I did a lot of that towards the end of this year and it made me feel good.
Thank you to all who were able to be part of collection of work and for always being their to support me in this passion. I hope to see you next year, continuing to watch your family grow in love and life.

See some photos below that were taken throughout the end of this year.
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See you in 2020, the start of a new decade.

B Family Photo Session

I love receiving referrals and this one was a new one for the year. What a lovely family that I hope to see sometime again in the near future. May they continued to be blessed.

M Family Photos

What I love most is when I get to create images for close friends. I am so grateful to be friends with this family and be able to continue to watch their kids grow. Such a fun and colorful session with this family.

Little Miss I’s Photo Session

I was so happy to see this little one. There were many reschedules due to weather and colds, etc before we got to this very cold morning for a photo session, but we made it! She was a trooper!
Here eyes only followed mom and dad, but she did give me a shot at the end when I said Ok, we are all done! 🙂
Photos with bun bun and her little garden gnome look were my all time favorite shots in this session.
I hope to see little Miss I again in the future!

S Family Photo Session

Just a family and their smiling dog. 🙂 Each year I take their photos and each year Yoda(the dog) is always smiling in several of the photos if he’s not looking to see what’s going on in the surrounding area. Dad and I have been friends for years going back to our college days where he also was friends with my husband before me even knowing it. First time I met mom was the day before our wedding and I’d like to think we hit it off!
Now, our families have grown together and I am honored that they have me take their family photos each year. I get to watch them all grow while also providing them lasting images that they will be able to cherish for a lifetime.

Here’s to friendship now and throughout each holiday season!

N Family Photo Session

Wow! What a family! I blink and there’s another one! 🙂 Mom, watch out! Look at the way he looks at you.
With each child there is a completely different personality making each of them super special in their own way, but if you don’t know who stole the show during this session, just go ahead and take a look at the photos again.
What once was a house full of women, leaving dad outnumbered now has a little guy who’s here to take charge.

Mom and dad certainly still have that loving feeling.

Happy Holidays!

S Family Photo Session

This beautiful family was pointed in my direction a several years back now and I’ve been taking photos of them ever since their youngest was baptized. I feel truly blessed to have been able to meet them and still continue to keep in touch with and photograph their family. I love seeing them and they always put a smile on my face. These girls are growing up to be beautiful young ladies. May they always be blessed.

May the holiday season always bring you warmth and good cheer.

C Family Photo Session

A little bit of love and a little bit of laughter is what this family brought to their session and it made it all fantastic! I can’t tell you how much I absolutely adored these 2 little girls. They were so great with each other, with smiling, even at the end just doing their little happy dances and sassy poses. It was the greatest!

S Family Photo Session

Here’s another family I have the opportunity to see each year and I absolutely love. Quick trip to PA for this session and knocked it out just in time for the rain to show up. It was great to see them and continue to watch how the these kids have grown up. Thankful that they put up with me for these sessions. 🙂

B Family Session

I absolutely loved how these turned out. The girls were absolutely lovely on this chilly day. It was great to see all of their smiling faces. Here’s to great year to all of them and hopes that I will see them all soon again.

Happy Holidays!