Sophia Laurel

Quite frankly, I love taking photos of children, because I envy the fact that they live carefree and have such an innocence to them.
Little Sophia Laurel(not so little anymore) came back for another photo session and I was so in awe of how much she’s grown since I have seen her last.  Of course, she has great style because her momma dresses her and makes her look quite chic.  I was surprised though at how much she liked to run around, explore and play with DIRT!  Sophia! It’s all good, because today was a day for her to be one with nature and she was!  Looking forward to many more sessions with her again.

JR-1432 JR-1363 JR-1479 JR-1436JR-1434JR-1446 JR-1464 JR-1789 JR-1858

Family Photos at Nolde Forest

It’s a little nerve racking when you have to do a large family portrait because you never know what to expect and how everything will ultimately turn out.
The fact that I was with some familiar faces and that everyone was so laid back and comfortable put me at ease.  I am glad that I had the opportunity to work with all these individuals in the images below.  It’s always great to see familiar faces and meet new people as well. Can’t forget the little cutie pie in these pictures!  All the best to this awesome family.

JR-0721 JR-0747 JR-0759JR-1031JR-0931JR-1050