Monthly Archives: June 2014

Creativity at Heart – B&W session

A little practice with black and white images.  Love when kids do whatever it is they do, it’s enjoyable, comforting and makes you want to smile as they do the things that they do.  Simple is great.  Imagination and art builds character. JR-0575 JR-0576 JR-0581 JR-0583

Amelia’s Newborn Session

Newborn time! I was so happy to see this family again, thanks to a close friend of mine.  This session was all about capturing some images of baby Amelia(I love that name) and getting in some shots of her brother, Lucas and her.
I was able to snap a few shots as he played, read a book to his sister and gave her the tiniest of kisses.   What a pleasure!

JR-8309 JR-8314 JR-8391 JR-8403 JR-8408 JR-8477 JR-8483 JR-8555 JR-8567 JR-8591