Here’s to YOU in the New Year!

Here comes the new year!
Make this year about YOU, you being in the pictures and you being a part of your memories and your family’s memories.
We all get caught up with taking the pictures at family outings and events, but we don’t think to be in the actual picture or we don’t ask someone to take the picture for us.
Make it a point to ask someone to take the picture for you.

If you would like someone to capture an event for you, a birthday, anniversary, a day out or any other celebration or life event, feel free to contact me.
I would love to be able to help you gather your memories together.

Enjoy yourself, your family and friends!

Have a happy new year!
Be seen in 2014! 🙂


SadieCake Cupcakes-Grand Opening/Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

During my little adventures this year, I was able to be a part of SadieCake Cupcakes’ grand opening and capture some images for them after having the opportunity about a week before to take some other photos in the shop.  🙂
I wish Cindy and the whole SadieCake crew the best of luck and much success!  Check out the shop located in Robbinsville and check out the website:



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Kranker Family Photo Session

A coming together of family.  I had another amazing opportunity, and yes, I say amazing opportunity a lot because well, these are all amazing opportunities to me. This family was wonderful to work with.  I was able to capture posed and candid images no problem, and little Mr. Jonah was on a mission to play and explore his new surroundings.  Many thanks Kranker family and I hope you enjoy the holidays!

Family is love, life and your laughter.

JR-8050comp  JR-8063comp  JR-8142comp  JR-8171comp JR-8198comp   JR-8277comp JR-8266compJR-8117comp JR-8304comp JR-8329comp JR-8336comp

Walter Cousins Family Photo Session

and…..boys will be boys!  If you are not having fun, you are not living.  🙂  These boys were having fun, they were exploring, goofing around and having some plain ol’ fun.  I loved capturing just what it is they are and do, being boys!  Although they were a bit cold, these cousins had a fun time together and I was happy to be a part of their day.  I look forward to seeing them again in the future.

 The world is in the palm of your hands.

JR-7636comp JR-7743comp JR-7806comp JR-7799comp JR-7774comp JR-7770comp JR-7821comp JR-7822compJR-7828comp


Parker Kids Photo Session

These 2 were absolutely adorable together, I couldn’t believe that this brother and sister duo were so close together but yet so far apart in age.  I was absolutely amazed how Jack was with his sister, Rachel.  I am so glad to meet these two awesome kids.  Rachel’s expressions were too funny(so cute), and Jack was so calm and quiet.  They were an absolute pleasure to work with.
Enjoy the season!

Life is amazing, but to share it with someone is even more amazing.

JR-7835comp JR-7851comp JR-7863comp JR-7877comp JR-7888comp JR-7902comp JR-7932comp JR-7957comp


Kovack Kids Photo Session

It’s always great to get a whole bunch of the family kids together, but we all know they can go on their own way as they try to explore their little childhood independence.  This family was so cute, the big boys were on top of their poses and smiles, the little ones were doing their own thing and we even got some pictures with the grandparents! 🙂

Let kids, be kids, it’s who they are.

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