Breanna and Branden Holiday Session

Happy Holidays!  I love the holidays and I think every little kid does.  🙂
We got some lights together, wrapped the kids up in them and voila!, photo session success!  The kids had fun and they got cookies out of the whole deal.  These were “Santa’s cookies”, but the kids got a hold of them.  Actually, I wouldn’t mind being Santa at this house cause that’s a lot of cookies.  teeheehe 🙂  At the end, it looks like the kids told secrets of what they wished for this Christmas time. 


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Happy Thanksgiving!

As Thanksgiving approaches, I can’t say enough how thankful I am for everyone who has reached out to me and given me an opportunity to photograph their families and children along the way.  I look forward to many more amazing opportunities to meet more fabulous people and grow in something I love to do.

Thank you so very much.  I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and that you get to enjoy the time spent with your families.
I will be spending my Thanksgiving with my little family and with my extended families.  Of course, I will always miss those family members that I will not be seeing the day of, but I hope they always know that I think of them and can’t wait to see them again.  I will be reiterating to my children how very thankful I am that they have entered my life because they have taught me so much more than I could possibly ever have imagined and I am sure they will continue to teach me much more.  Of course, I am thankful for my husband because without him I wouldn’t have the 3 little munchkins I have running around the house and the life that I have which is an absolute awesome blessing!

Happy Thanksgiving! 42414-Time-To-Give-Thanks...

Kowalski Family Photo Session

Another weekend, another family photo session.  🙂  These boys were truly cute together.  They started off by cheesing it up for me in the photos, they were so happy.  And then…there was a cat, and hesitation for photos began as there was either fear of the cat appearing or curiosity by one boy or the other.  It’s amazing how 3 little children have 3 little personalities which can bring so many smiles to ones face.
Thank you for the opportunity Tracy and Glenn and I hope you had a wonderful anniversary!

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Olmeda Holiday Photo Session

Photos for friends.  It’s great to take photos of friends and of another photographer(M.Roche Photography).  Something warm and something simple for the holidays, that’s all they asked for.  I hope they enjoy! 🙂

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Sophia Laurel’s 8month Photo Session

Sheeeeeeeeee’s back!  I love when I see families and children all over again.  So wonderful that they reached out to me again for Sophia’s photos.  Yet again, she was all smiles and so photogenic.  It was so great and I hope I continue to see her grow.

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Reiner & Jaeger Family Photo Session

Our family photo session.  Keepin’ it close to home. Great to be with family and great to have all the cousins together! 🙂  I like when I have these opportunities to take photos of the family all together.  There are many pictures because we had a lot of time!

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Muto Family Photo Session

I love meeting new families and getting the opportunities to take their photos.  Just another day, another opportunity and another life event.
This turned out to be a nice evening after a very windy day, we got to take some photos throughout Walnford Park ending with a nice stroll with the pup.


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Anjali’s Photo Session

A trip to PA to meet a new family with their first child, Anjeli.  What a beautiful little girl and a wonderful family.  I am so amazed at how such a little being can create so much joy and happiness in one’s life.  It was a nice enough outside that we were able to sneak outside and take some photos.   And it started with a yawn…

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Goehrig Family Photo Session

Another Goehrig family photo session, which I was very excited for.  I was glad to hear from them when they reached out to me for photos again.  Chloe was back and still as adorable as ever.  We walked around Walnford and found a few spots that we just loved for the photos.  Chloe was analyzing leaves so  I was able to get a photo of her holding one as she sat on the bench.  I absolutely loved this second opportunity and I look forward to many more with this family.

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Huff-Knowles Family Photo Session

Had a fantastic time doing this photo session for my old neighbors/friends.  We had a great time and they have such a beautiful family.  It was a beautiful day for pictures, the kids were so cooperative and we found out that we had a model in our presence.  Patrick was posing for a picture and helping me figure out where to take a picture next all throughout the session, it was so fun.   I’ll have to bring him along with me as my assistant.   🙂

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